Philanthropy + Medical Innovation

Philanthropy + Medical Innovation

Introducing Morgan Stanley GIFT CuresSM: an Innovative Opportunity for Philanthropists Seeking Cures

We are living in the greatest era of scientific advancement, yet the scientists and physicians making discoveries lack the funding and expertise to advance these breakthroughs into new medicines. Morgan Stanley GIFT CuresSM provides a solution to improve outcomes for a cure—and for human health.

Portfolio of Discoveries by Disease Area

Harrington Discovery Institute's
Portfolio Includes Programs in:

Alzheimer's & Neurosciences
Bone & Joint Diseases
Cardiovascular Diseases
Gastrointestinal Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Inflammatory Diseases
Respiratory Diseases
Rare Diseases
Other Diseases
Donor Collaborative + Amplified Impact

Donor Collaborative + Amplified Impact

Give Efficiently and Create Potential for Large-Scale Impact in Medicine

Morgan Stanley GIFT CuresSM is designed for philanthropists, foundations, family offices, and companies interested in learning collaboratively about drug development and providing catalytic support to bring cures and treatments to market. Get in touch with us to learn more about joining this community today.