Introducing Morgan Stanley GIFT CuresSM powered by Harrington Discovery Institute

We live in the greatest era of scientific advancement in recorded history. The billions of dollars of public, private and philanthropic investment in medical research continues to yield groundbreaking insights into the causes and characteristics of our most persistent diseases. As patients and their families look to be part of the solution through their charitable donations, the field of philanthropy in particular has played a large role in advancing medical discoveries.

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust (GIFT), established in 2000, is one of those players. After 19 years of working with the firm’s most dedicated and sophisticated philanthropists, Morgan Stanley GIFT realized that despite the generosity of donors within the Morgan Stanley GIFT community and around the world, there are far too many patients and families struggling with diseases for which there are no cures or meaningful treatments.

Morgan Stanley GIFT CuresSM, powered by Harrington Discovery Institute, was created in response to client demands for concrete results and outcomes from their philanthropy in disease research.